Review Of The Segway miniLITE Kids Electric Scooter: Safe and Durable


Whether you imagine your child gliding around the park with a huge grin, or you just want a super safe scooter that will keep your mind at ease, you’re on the right track considering a Segway miniLITE.


It’s not everybody’s choice, but it makes a great electric scooter for a wide range of people. The goal of my review here is to help you establish whether you fit into that wide range…. or whether your electric scooter money is better invested somewhere else.

In a hurry? 

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We’re going to cover the assembly, how it handles, what you can/can’t do with it, and how it compares to other models around the same price.

If you have a pressing question, it is probably addressed in the table of contents you see below. Otherwise, keep scrolling and we’ll take this from the top!




Segway is the Guru of Personal Transportation (A Note on Quality)

segway miniLITE

Segway has been making personal transporters for a long time. They have the knowledge and the techniques to develop high caliber, long-lasting products.

The company started in 1999. Initially, they made transporters for adults in the professional, industrial, and law enforcement spheres. They have been producing electric scooters for kids since 2015.

Your Segway miniLITE shouldn’t break if you bump into something. You won’t need to buy new batteries due to low-quality materials. Your purchase should be the only electric scooter you buy for the next several years.


5 Things You Need To Know

The Segway miniLITE has several safety features via its smartphone app.

Your child will be eager to rip his/her Segway out of the box and start riding it. Hold on there junior!

You have to download the Segway smartphone app, connect your miniLITE via Bluetooth to the smartphone, and watch the comprehensive riding tutorial. If you don’t watch the tutorial the max speed is 2MPH. After you watch the tutorial the speed will increase to 6MPH. You can disable the speed limiter via the app and the max speed will be 10MPH.

As a parent, you will be able to limit how fast miniLITE will go. The max speed is 10mph, but you can dial it all the way back to 2mph and gradually move it up via the app as your child becomes more comfortable. You can also customize the running lights to several different colors which will improve visibility.

Due to the fact that your child cannot ride the miniLITE until they watch the tutorial, your child will be completely informed as to how to use the scooter. As a parent, you will have peace of mind knowing exactly how fast they are going. As the child gets more comfortable, you can dial up the speed.

The miniLITE comes with adjustable running lights. With the running lights, your child will be visible in lowlight conditions. This will make it much easier for drivers, cyclists, and other scooterists to see them. Increased visibility leads to fewer mishaps. You can adjust the color of the running lights via the app.


The Segway miniLITE is easy to master.

Segway miniLITE

Within a few minutes, your child will have learned how to make the miniLITE go forward, stop, and how to steer the unit. By lightly pressing the knee control bar left or right, your child will be able to accurately steer the miniLITE. Leaning forward makes the miniLITE move forward and leaning back makes it stop.

The ease of use will limit any frustration or fear your child may have. The more comfortable they are on an electric scooter the more time they will spend riding it in the fresh air and sunshine. Reduced frustration and fresh air make for a happy child and a more relaxed parent.

The Segway miniLITE has a long lasting battery.

The 155LW Lithium-Ion Battery has a range of 11 miles. It only takes three hours to completely charge the battery. Another cool feature on the smartphone app is that as a parent you can see how much power and mileage life the battery has left. There is also a power level indicator on the scooter itself so your child will know when it is time to head home.

Because we want our children playing outside in the fresh air and sunshine it is important that they not get stuck with a dead battery. With a range of 11 miles, they can play outside on the miniLITE for hours.

After comparing the batteries of 20 different kids electric scooters I can confidently tell you that you won’t find a faster charging battery. Most other kids electric scooters take up to 12 hours to charge. The miniLITE will charge in about 3 hours.

With such a short recharge time your child can eat their lunch, finish their chores, take a quick rest and be back on the road in no time. The battery life indicator on the app also gives you some knowledge as to how much playtime your child has left. This will make it easier for you to plan dinner, homework etc…

The Segway miniLITE has big, fat pneumatic tires. 

With 10.5″ air-filled pneumatic tires, the miniLITE provides for a comfortable ride that enables the rider to overcome bumps, slopes, debris, and many other daily obstacles. The fat tires also allow for use on packed dirt and dry grass.

If your child is comfortable, he/she will ride outside for a longer period of time. The fat tires allow the child to pass over small impediments without the fear of falling. Most other kids electric scooters have urethane wheels that make for a bumpy and uncomfortable ride. Your child will not be jostled around while riding this scooter.

The Segway is lightweight and portable.

Coming in at 28lbs with a removable knee bar, this scooter can easily be placed in the trunk or tucked away for winter storage.

It drives me crazy when I trip over or step on a bulky toy my child has left somewhere in the house or yard. This unit can be stowed anywhere and can be taken on long car trips. Your child will be more likely to get off of his iPad and play outside on a family trip if you bring the miniLITE along.


From The Box Arriving To You Riding It, How Long?

After you’ve ripped the scooter out of the box and pulled at it a bit to see how it assembles, you’ll see still that in the box is a scooter, kneebar, an instruction manual, a charger, and an accessories box.

Assembly is easy. It only takes 5 minutes to get the miniLITE electric scooter up and assembled.

First, you will have to attach the kneebar using the hex wrench provided.

Second, you may need to inflate the tires to 45-50 psi. The tires do come inflated, but they may lose some pressure during shipping.

Third, connect your smartphone via Bluetooth and download the Segway miniLITE app. It takes about 20 minutes for your child to run through the riding tutorial.

Charge the battery and you are ready to go. Your battery may not come with a full charge, so if you want to make sure you get the full 11-mile range, you will want to do a full 3-hour charge before taking the electric scooter on the road.



Last year I bought an expensive laptop and it when on the fritz days before the warranty expired. There are few things worse than investing in an item only to have it burn out along with your hard-earned money.

Segway has a pretty good limited warranty on their electric scooters. Here are the details.

Vehicle Body – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 1 year
• Chassis
• Control Board Assembly
• Steering Sensor Assembly
• Cabin Dashboard
• Steering Bar Assembly/Handlebar
• Hub Motors

Other Components – 180 days
• Charger
• Battery Pack

Components Subject to Wear – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -90 days
• Foot Plate Assembly
• Rear Light Assembly
• Front Light Assembly
• Steering Bar Assembly
• Foot Mat
• Fender Assembly
• Knee Pads
• Tires
• Hubcaps


They Said What?! Voices From The Asphalt

The Segway miniLITE is well reviewed and parents particularly like how much fun their children have while riding it.

Customer reviews are very positive. One mother joked that she enjoyed riding it so much that she thought about keeping it for herself instead of giving it to her son. If that isn’t enough of an endorsement for you, I don’t know what will be.

Statistically speaking, you and your child are almost guaranteed to be happy with this purchase. It won’t matter whether your child is riding this through the park or down the sidewalk, you will have the peace of mind that they are safe and in control.

Verdict: A Bit Pricey- But It Has All The Bells and Whistles

If you’re a have a child or are a kid at heart from the age of 6 to 60… If your child is under 175lbs… If safety is your biggest concern and you have the extra money lying around, there isn’t a more feature-laden electric scooter for your money then the Segway miniLITE.

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Your child will move quicker, you will have the ability to control the scooter’s speed via the smartphone app, and you’ll have invested in a possession that your child will cherish for years. The Segway miniLITE will be your child’s constant companion and you don’t need to clean up after it like you would a dog.

If you want an electric scooter that goes faster and can handle a 200lb rider then you’re better off with the Razor E300. If your child wants a more traditional scooter then our pick is the Razor E100, and if you’re really in this for a bargain then you can’t pass up the Costzon Kids Electric Scooter.







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