Review of Viro Rides Vega 2-in-1 Electric Scooter and Mini Bike

If given the choice between a stand-up scooter or a sit-down scooter, most kids wouldn’t be able to decide and that is why the Viro Rides Vega is the perfect answer to any kid who wants it all. By being able to quickly transform from a traditional stand-up scooter to a sit-down one, it allows your kid to have more options when it comes to fun.

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Some scooters are meant for transportation or casual riding with friends, while others are made for excitement. The Viro Rides Vega is designed for excitement, fun, and all different types of riding. Whether your kid wants to ride it in the stand-up configuration, much like a traditional scooter or sitting down, they will have a lot of fun going up to 10 miles per hour.



The Viro Rides Vega is capable of going 10 miles per hour on its 100-watt motor, with a maximum range of approximately six miles. It measures 15.7” x 36” x 36.1” and weighs just 42 pounds. The 100 watt DC motor is chain driven, and the chain is completely enclosed for safety.

Because your scooter might be used by more than one child, there is an adjustable handlebar. It also comes complete with a kickstand, foot pegs for when it is in the sit-down configuration, and rear brakes that are lever-activated.

This model comes in a bright green color, making it easy for others to see, and it is recommended for riders eight years or older and up to 120 pounds.

What Does the Viro Rides Vega Offer?

The most obvious reason to choose the Viro Rides Vega over just about any other scooter on the market is that it is convertible – it goes from a sit-down scooter to a stand-up scooter in seconds. So, in many ways, it is like having two different scooters.

However, there is a lot more to this exciting scooter/bike than the simple fact that it is convertible. A lot of kids prefer this model to standard mini or portable scooters because it is lightweight, and that means it is a lot easier to do all kinds of stunts.

The easy to use hand-brake and thumb control throttle also make this a lot more fun than a non-electric scooter, and for young riders (eight years and over), it is still easy to learn.

What’s Not to Like About This Scooter?

One of the most obvious drawbacks to the Viro Rides Vega is that it is only able to handle kids up to 120 pounds. However, because it is fairly lightweight and only goes 10 miles per hour, it also means that it is a much safer option for smaller kids than other electric scooters which tend to be faster and heavier.

This scooter does not have the traditional type of twist-grips that are commonly associated with scooters or motorcycles but instead uses thump controls. While these are probably more intuitive for younger children, your kids might have a little trouble getting to learn twist grips if they upgrade to another scooter down the line.

What Are the Real Benefits?

It’s pretty obvious that the biggest benefit of buying the Viro Rides Vega scooter is that you are getting two different types of scooters in one machine. So, if you have a kid who likes a sit-down scooter now but may like to try a stand-up one later down the line, then this is the one for you.

Also, because this is not the highest speed scooter on the market, it is going to be a lot safer for younger kids. The easy to use brake and throttle are also easier for younger kids to use than other types of mechanisms.

A lot has been put into the design of this scooter, particularly when it comes to the motor and braking system. The entire motor, as well as the chain drive, are enclosed so little fingers can’t get caught and inquisitive minds can’t start fiddling around with it. This makes it safer for your kids and will enable this scooter to last a lot longer, too.

What Do Other Consumers Say?

Among the many positive reviews, a lot of consumers mention how easy this scooter is to assemble. Even though it is a convertible model, all you really need to do is attach the handlebar, plug it into the charger, and you’ll be ready to go.

Even though this scooter looks pretty rugged and something that only a rambunctious young boy might like, there are a lot of these being purchased for girls, too. As long as your kid as eight years or older and weighs less than 120 pounds, you should be fine.

Another feature that many reviewers mention is that it doesn’t seem to take the full ten to twelve hours to charge it, as mentioned in the instructions. But, you are still going to get the maximum out of the battery by properly charging it when you first get it and then charging it after every ride.

Is the Viro Rides Vega the Best Choice for You?

Honestly, if you have been looking at some of the mini or portable electric scooters on the market this year, then you know there are a lot of options. Some scooters are fast, some are rugged, some are cute. The real advantage to the Viro Rides Vega is that it can be ridden in two different ways. This might not seem like a big deal to you, but any kid will appreciate this versatility and the ability to fit in with other scooter riders in the neighborhood.


If your kid is ready to upgrade their push scooter to an electric one or you are just looking for a the perfect gift for a kid who really wants to start exploring the neighborhood with a little more speed, the Viro Rides Vega is a sturdy, reliable, and safe way to get started riding an electric scooter.

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