About Us

As the father of two beautiful children, I often struggle with ways to keep them active and off of their “smart” devices. I really want my children to be out in the sunshine soaking up Vitamin D and getting plenty of fresh air and exercise. I also don’t want them to become sedentary couch potatoes.  When I was a child, tablets and smartphones were not an option and I had to play outside or with my friends.

In this day and age, it is not quite as simple as telling your children to go outside to play. Children want to be engaged and as parents, we should try to help them connect with their environment, family, and friends through active play.

Top Notch Play was created as a place for parents like me to find solutions to the unique conditions we face when trying to stimulate our children. Whether you have a big family or an only child Top Notch Play is here to provide tips, tricks, and recommendations that will help you educate, stimulate, and entertain your child through active play.

As Top Notch Play came together, we realized there’s some information that’s just too good not to share. That’s why we chose to include a dash of variety. At Top Notch Play, you can find outdoor entertaining ideas for children, STEM solutions for active learners, dynamic family games, ideas that will make exercise fun for your child, and everything in between.

We also love to make recommendations when we find products that we love and find really useful. Sometimes we make a commission from those recommendations, but we don’t recommend products we don’t believe in. We look for scooters, bikes, skateboards, family games, and STEM toys that will make active play with your child fun, educational, and enjoyable.